5.1 fw on 4.12 vesc

hi, everyone I wondering if some can tell me if its safe to run fw 5,1 on my maytech 4,12 ? because I successfully flash it today but I really want problem free with my vesc . I will also add a bluetooth module from flipshit , sorry guy to ask newbie question i was on pause mode for 2 years so that why i need some help thanks

Yes you can.

Optionally use Ackmaniac for the most polished Firmware.

i don’t like ackmaniac app it always reset by itself btw my cat as the same color as your but not at the same place :smile:

Get yourself a Metr module and you won’t ever need anything else.

I stick to my flipshit bt module for now

You do you. I just can’t recommend it enough. I have it in every board i own. Absolute game changer. *Not affiliated with metr. Depending on your location you even could get it 20% off because we (the users) are doing a group buy on the other forum.

But back to the topic, Ack if you want a flawless experience - the app (can’t speak about that) or go with 5.1 or 3.62 as a stable release.

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for me bluetooth module is not necessity its a fun gadget for some time