5.5 Bullet connectors

I see some different types of 5.5 bullet connectors to connect motors to ESC. Any specific brand or type or store to buy them from? Thanks.

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Protip: whatevers already connected to your motor is your best bet. On the off chance you have to swap out motor connectors its better to desolder them vs clipping the wires. Those motor leads will most likely be enamelled and its a PITA to get that enamel off to get a proper connection when resoldering. You’d basically have to sandpaper every wire down to the bare copper before soldering.

If you’re starting with no connectors at all then thats a different story. 5.5mm is somewhat of an oddball bullet size and it would be better to go with 5mm or 6mm. I also recommend avoiding connectors with split bullets. These can wear out with not too much plugging and unplugging and you can get a buildup of resistance and fry your connectors.

Ugh. Feebay results are mostly those awful split bullets. I did find one listing with more reliable connectors. These may look split but they’re closed on the end and in my experience the jacketed accordion style shown here are much more durable and can be disconnected/reconnected multiple times without losing their springyness.