5.5 mm to 4mm hxt adapter

Hi guys…I’m a newbie so I’´ll really appreciate your help. I’m getting 02 zippy compact batteries, 5000, 5S, 25C for a 6355 190Kv motor…

  1. Are this batteries good compared to the zippy normal ones (no compact)?
  2. Discharge plugs for this ones are 5.5mm and the HXT series connector is 4mm…anyone knows where can I get adapters for this? which one will work?

Thanks in advance guys!

  1. look for c rating highr is better
  2. either works, go to hobbyking, or ebay, I use xt90

Thanks for your reply!

Like you when I first began diy esk8 I did not understand lipo c rating. I purchased some 25c and 30c lipos. With 25 and 30c lipo I have alot of voltage sag. So buy lipo with 50c or above.

Could you please share the link for the adapters? I already purchased 2 batteries with 5.5mm bullet connectors, but I need them to be 4mm to fit to the serial adapter, so I am kind of stuck.

Hi, did you sort this out? I am in a need for series connectors for HXT 5.5 or “loose” connectors so I can make them my self.

Hi. Batteries have not arrive yet but I’m planning to use xt90 connectors on every connection. There’s 4 mm to 5.5 mm cable adaptor in this links, maybe it helps to your project. collections/electrical-connectors/products/wire-extensions-4mm-to-5-5mm