5.5 mm VESC connector to 3.5 mm motor connector

Is there a safe way to connect my torque ESC with 5.5 female bullet connectors tot my motor with 3.5 male bullet connectors? What connectors do i need and what type of wires to extend it?15390920874812865025291570109312

Female 3.5 and male 5.5 solder and ready to go. I don’t really understand this post. Are you looking for a ready out of the box solution?

Just new to this kind of stuff and wanted tot know if IT was safe to do

What guage wire do you reccomend?

Yes. You just need the connectors, solder iron and wire and 12-16 awg silicone wires. I did a few times adaptors like that. Aps motors are usually 5.5 while vesc are often 3.5 i guess everyone here has done something like that a few times. You can also cut the connectors of one side and solder matching new ones

Thank you very much

I would cut the 3.5mm connectors and solder 5.5mm connectors to them. Trying it the other way around will be difficult because the wire gauge from the vesc is too thick to fit into 3.5mm connectors.

Just cut the phase wires and solder 5.5 bullet connectors on. Most motors 5.5mm so never bad to have some spare anyhow :wink: Don’t forget to heatshrink the new bullets after you soldered them on

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