5 Belts for Sale 375mm HTD5M 12mm width

I bought 10 of these only to realise that they are a little bit too long so maybe someone has a use for them. only 5 left. 10€ shipped in GER. 12€ Int.

375mm x 12mm 75T

Wanna do €8 for 4 shipped to Switzerland?

Where in Switzerland?

Villars-sur-Ollon, 1884

squeezing my balls bro :grimacing: but yeah at least they will be put to use.

If nobody makes an offer to buy all until tomorrow morning theyre yours.

I should be discqualified man!! Is €10 a better offer?

cool so only five left.

I ment €10 for 4 but if you want to send me 5 for that… : )

shhhh that was a special offer :smiley:

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