5 inch Pnuematic for skate trucks with all the toppings

Decided on full on mountain board so going to purge a bit of material.

I have a complete dual kit of Enertion Aluminum pnuematic 5 inch rims - THESE FIT SKATE TRUCKs!!, gears, bolts, belts and 15 tubes and 14 tires ( with two different types of tread).

These have been run with a single motor for maybe 200km. I bought out Alien all terrain tire when there was a shortage on skikes and they were marked down stupid low …Looks like he found another supplier though.

The Enertion tires are more durable but slower and Aliens Skike wear out quicker, hence the investment in tubes and tires.

Carving on these is awesome, I ran mine setup as a single at the time. I only had one ECS. With the Enertion 6355 and 8s 5000msh lipos I was getting 6-7 km and speeds of up to 28 km/hr and carving was sick. I liked the feel more than with Thane.

I’m in Spain. I’d like to get €250 plus shipping for the whole lot…But make an offer, the worst I can say is no thanks.

Here is the board with the setup mounted.

Enertion rubber is wider and better tread for off road, the smooth skinny Skikes roll better on flats…Pardon my Hobbit feet

And here they are with some other goodies for sale… 2x Motors 6374 , 63 motor mounts psychotiller and torque board V3 . Again make an offer these just sit here.

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That stuff is too nice to be sitting around in a box! Where are you in Spain?

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Damn this is tempting… Why can’t there be infinite money :cry:

Madrid, the background of pic 2 is Puente Toledo close to where Athletico Madrid play football (European)

Alright people, moving some stuff so let’s knock 100 euros off my asking price…

150 euros for the wheels, drive train pulleys and belt, stupid amount of tires and tubes. Anyone looking for an all terrain setup this is the money shot.

Buyer pays shipping but this is like 350 worth of merch at less than half price. Come on, someone wants it.

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Hey man! I’m in for this set. I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile: cheers!

Shipping might make life easier in the EU, I’ll check what it takes to send this huge box stateside.

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Pm where I’m sending please

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Sorry kid these guy were sold.

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Still have anything left man wouldn’t mind a 6374 motors especially if their sensor send me a PM let me know what you got