5 inches Skikes pneumatic wheels -- SOLD


I would like to sell a set of pneumatic wheels I bought from Alien Drive Systems. I sell them with 4 extra tubes and tires as well as 2 x 44T wheel pulley. Those fit skateboard trucks. The whole lot for US$150.

I don’t think you’re gonna get 200usd for these when @psychotiller’s amazing hubs go for 300 (I think) and you can now 3D print both pulleys and hubs for pnuematics super cheap. You may want to adjust the asking price to somewhere around 100-150usd

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Noted, thanks for the advice.

I will update the price to $150. I have not considered the alternatives and I did pay around $280 for the whole thing. Anyways price lowered.

I pm’ed you

The topic is not updated but they are sold. I bought them