$50: GT2B remote, Bad Wolf mini case, receiver

I bought an FS GT2B remote ($27) and the black custom case mod from Bad Wolf ($25), and an extra receiver ($11?) off Amazon/eBay but I’ve decided I don’t want it.

I started putting it together and then realized the FlySky GT2B battery is a little larger than the Hobby King one. You need to buy a smaller battery ($5?) to finish putting it together.

I’ll eat the shipping cost and you can have it in a couple days. US customers only.

Not posting pics as its all brand new. GT2B is supposedly the most reliable remote.

Just remove the plastic over the battery case…

Good to know!

Also, I think there are different versions of the Wolf Mod case. This is the newest version.

I thought Flysky GT2B and HobbyKing GT2B are the exact same size?

They are, but some of the new ones started shipping with bigger batteries. They increased 200mAh I think.

Battery is 3.7V 800mAh

Have u remove the plastic case that wraps the battery yet? I freaked out too when i did my mastercho and it was just that plastic box around the bat

yeah, removed that stuff and it’s much smaller. still for sale! too many projects right now. make me an offer :slight_smile: