50% off batteries - Black Friday Sale


Seller appears to be legit, but read all the way through the thread.

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Case and point, so whilst that is suspicious (along with this https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/pitbull-esk8-board/75092?u=totalgeek9224) I figure that there is no harm in giving the benefit of the doubt and having him have the opportunity to prove himself. Last time I checked, on his website, the only picture for his batteries was a 3D render of a battery pack. I know if i was gonna buy i would love to see what im actually getting.

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Agreed, if this is legit I’m not opposed to giving him my money :smile:


If we want to use a different cell, or just want a battery pack assembled and we already have all the materials, would it be possible to have them sent to you and you could charge a assembly fee?

Would it be possible to arrange a 10s5p pack into a different shape? I pretty much want a clone of this pack I have but with better cells: http://www.diyeboard.com/10s5p-18650-lithium-battery-pack-36v-10ah-360wh-p-460.html

You’re absolutely right, photos are needed. I’ll be back at my office tomorrow and plan on taking some photos of some packs.

I post the items for sale this weekend from home and didnt have any on hand to photograph.

I’ll update the product pages tomorrow (well seeing as it’s almost 2am, i’ll update the photos later today).


Thats what i like to hear! Looking forward to it!

Yes absolutely. I can arrange a pack in that configuration for you.

There’s a section for entering notes when placing an order. Just add a quick note saying you wanted that config and include a link to that page.


Yes that would be possible. Send me a PM and we can discuss this further. If you are outside of the US that may complicate things with shipping the pack back to you.

But we can discuss some options.

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Fair enough. I wish you all the best getting all the cells sold. You can probably try to sell them on here individually too.


If all is legit here, this is pretty good deal


If indeed :thinking:

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I would be interested. I PMd you

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@dg798 taking the plunge for us.

Battery Jesus, is that you?

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Encouraging response! Encouraging response!


Do you see model of cells which are inside? Chinesse cells? What is EVe?

Where can I buy 40t’s for $6!? :slight_smile:

Theres a place on Alibaba, need someone to test them out. Their alibaba page seems legit but then again its Alibaba

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Holy crap this sounds like a good deal! If I hadn’t just ordered a battery I would’ve jumped on this.

Still waiting on photos… :frowning:

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