$500 budget for dual setup

I am looking for dual motor set up. I am pretty open to suggestions. I have a 10s3p battery from @willpark16 and VESC,battery enclosure & remote from @psychotiller. Thanks for your help guys

When you say $500 budget, is that including what you have or $500 in addition to what you have?

Man good question! Sorry bout that lol. I have a $500 budget for the motors/mounts. Every thing else is taken care of

Do you have one vesc or 2? Cause each motor needs it own vesc. Just checking cause in the post you only said vesc, singular.

Dual maytech VESC from Physcotiller’s store

What trucks are you using? Need to know in order to determine what motors you can fit.

If you’re using standard caliber ii’s, the widest you can go is 55mm. I recommend https://buildkitboards.com/collections/motors/products/6354-208kv-motor for 10s.

If you’re using the 218mm trucks from DIYes, the world is your oyster, can get whatever u want, dual 6374 is possible.

he doesnt have a drive kit so I believe trucks are included in what he needs to purchase

In that case, just some suggestions from me based on my own build:

Trucks: caliber ii 50

motor mount: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-mount-for-caliber-ii-trucks-enertion-clones-aluminum-clamp-carbon-fiber-arm/30286

Motors: aliexpress or

Total should be less than 300 usd.

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I’d say for trucks get legit caliber trucks. They are $35-$40 on Amazon, so will be cheaper and better quality than the enertion ones I think.

As far as motors, I say go with these diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv/

And this motor mount and wheels gear kit. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/

I have those motors, motor mounts and gearing and they work great And then grab some flywheel clones off amazon ($30) or if you feel like spending the money, get legit flyhweels ($50 to $100 depending on size)

You need to tell us what your goal is. Speed, torque, a balance of both? I am running TB 218mm trucks and extended reverse hangers with dual 6374 motors. One from @Kaly and the other from @JLabs, both are great. I am also running 10s and this setup will pull me up long hills as well as top out about 29mph.


Okay guys thanks for your responses. I appreciate it… I have literally dozens of sets of various trucks. I have a set of seismic trucks that I would love to use if possible. My plan originally was to use a set of 10 " sidewinders though I am open to suggestions. As far as speed / torque, I weigh roughly 200 pounds give or take so some decent torque is desired but I’d like at least a /25mph top speed

I have a set of 97mm flywheels currently waiting to use

So I had planned to remove this post but just wanted to clarify first, were you able to get the Carvon duals? If so I don’t need to keep this post open.

haha leave it open i dont know for sure let me see.

Hobbyking motormounts are very good for their price:

You can go for sk3 motor’s like the 260kV maybe: I got mine pulley kit from ebay for Flywheels and clones: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182618936000

You need to go with a larger battery to reach your goals. 6s is very limited for a guy your size, I know this firsthand! 6s and you can have torque but only hit 21-21mph. Whatever decision you make, do not go the cheapest route. Buy quality mounts and good motors.

I have a 10s battery. I am not trying to go cheap on anything. I am looking t quality products and don’t want to skimp on anything

Definitely confused this thread for another. My bad!

For torque I would suggest 190kv motors, 6355 motors will be fine or you can go with 6374 for increased torque. Use the esk8 calculator to determine your gearing.

Perfectly fine man. Willpark has found a set of Carvon dual hubs for me. He’s said that the kv is being changed to be similar to the V3 carvons

That will be a smooth ride. Not a fan of hubs myself.