$500AUD First Build Questionsc

Hi, I’m trying to make my first board and i have a bit of uncertainty about some things. first, here are my parts

83mm enertion power wheels

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245kv Brushless Outrunner Motor

Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

265-5M-09 Synchronous Timing Belt

15 Teeth X 9mm Belt Width, 5M HTD Type Heavy Duty Timing Pulleys - 9-15-5M-F

36t 9mm enertion drive hub

HobbyKing® ™HK-GT2B 3CH 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver w/Rechargable Li-ion Battery

TorqueBoards 120A 6S ESC

TorqueBoards ESC Programming Card

single motor mount

Hobbyking Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (HXT4mm)

Nylon XT90 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs)

HobbyKing B6 AC/DC Compact LiPO/NiMh 50W Charger (EU Plug)

TorqueBoards v2 Pro Trucks

I am trying to have tops $500 AUD build. I am having trouble finding an answer to a few questions:

  • if my motor says 10S, and my batteries are 6S, will their be any problems?
  • what recommendations do you have for battery & motor?
  • do i have any overkill or underkill parts?
  • what parallel charging board would fit my connectors
  • how do i calculate my battery life?
  • how do i calculate top speed?

thank you so much

Oscar xxXX KOTO XXxx

use search more. and study build threads there are tons. http://calc.esk8.it/

your budget will be tight if possible at all especially since shipping to aus is crazy high. but at least use diy pulley 12mm kit because enertion’s requires truck mod.

running your motor at lower voltage is fine. it will just be slower.

if you can I would say up the budget to get a vesc and 9-12s battery because it is worlds better than the 6s esc.

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shipping not included when i said 500

thanks Soo much BTW. i am getting way too stressed and someone answering my question is really apreciated

no problem. I think the build looks fine. but like I said a vesc and higher voltage make a huge difference in feel and reliability.

my ride is vesc 8s 10ah lipo single 6354 190kv mini rc remote jet spud 29" 14/36 gearing 97mm flywheel clones

I get 22mph top speed and about 10-14 miles. But i can go up almost any hill. re-gearing to 16/36 will get me 26+.


Strange- calculator says 55km/h when weighted at 80% efficientcy,. btw, made a new thread with a whole lot more newb questions. no pressure, u have allready done a lot for me thanks

that is because it creates a higher reduction ratio right?

no problem. i’m working on a wiki to help avoid these types of questions so its good to see what people are confused on… for the calc i think you left the battery at 10s?

16/36 is actually a lower gearing ratio.

1: 36/16 = 2.25 2: 36/14 = 2.57 i guess writing them backwards doesn’t help lol.

so 1 would have higher top speed. 2 would have more torque(acceleration).

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which one means longer battery time

oh, and what is efficiency and erpm

range depends on many factors. gearing will only change this by a bit. it really comes down to how/where you ride. the faster you go the less range. the more hills less range. heavy rider less range. opposites of these give more range.

efficiency - the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in. in english, something like mpg for a car. more efficiency means more range with the same amount of energy.

erpm is the rate the esc is switching the motor phases. similar to kv of motor. where kv = rpm per volt. but since bldc motors that we use have 14 poles in pairs we multiply kv by 7.

so erpm = kv * 7 * voltage voltage = 4.2(full charge li ion/lipo) * 6(s in your case).

erpm is really only important with vesc because there is a 60,000 erpm limit. above this causes problems. this is why as voltage goes up we use lower kv motors.

btw i am now probs changing to 5S and maybe vesc

May be a problem- says 63455 erpm, what do i do/?

so less kv motors