5055 vs 5065 Sensored motors

In the process of deciding what motors to go with on my current build but I can’t decide on what size factor. I have a pair of normal caliber II trucks and a pair of wide caliber trucks from tourqueboards so I could go either route. Reason behind thinking about larger motors is because I have alot of hills and some are steep. I weigh 75kg and will building a 10S5P or 10S6P Samsung 30Q pack which has 90A cont and around 180A burst. Has there been any dual setup with 5065 motors or is almost everyone going for 5055 motors when going dual? What are you’re thoughts about going a little bit bigger for more power?

I have a dual diagonal 5065 board. It runs great and I think the extra length helps it manage heat fairly well. Since you have the extra wide trucks, I’d personally go with dual 5065’s myself.

@Jinra Do you happen to know if the power (watts) listed on like all motors is cont or max? I want to go dual 5065 on rear trucks but only if my battery will be able to handle the load with some spare.

Most advertised limits are continuous. You’ll be fine with 10s5p 30Q’s

@Jinra Even going dual 5065 with around 10-18% hills? Thanks for the help man!

I’ve went up I think 20-25% hills with mine on 10s4p, 80A continuous batt max. Didn’t even blow my 40A fuse.

i had a single ollin 5065 motor but wasn’t satisified with it. I then purchased a pair of 5055 motors from Dexter at DIY and I’ve been riding on it since last year and it hasn’t met a hill it can’t climb. Keep in mind a lot of things factor into a successful eboard. Vescs (and configuration), gear ratios, Battery pack, Motor KV. There is a great calculator on this site, if you use that you should be able to build a quality board. Just my two cents.

@themegak I’ve been using the calculator quite a bit :wink: Thanks for the input