50mm custom hub motor set up with enertion carbon fibre deck

hub motor longboard deck

these are my custom 50mm hub motors with slim carbon fibre longboard deck from enertionboards.com,

the whole setup weighs 6.3KG has a top speed of 40KM/H and a range of 15KM. the motor have been upgraded from the last setup with upgraded magnets and better quality machining.

my setup:

my custom 50mm hub motors https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=65636

Enertion electric longboard carbon fibre deck

Enertion S.P.A.C.E Battery LG 18650HE4 10s pack with BMS

Benjamin venders open source VESC http://vedder.se/2015/01/vesc-open-source-esc/

also available from enertion

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very nice. I have always been a fan of your hub motors. so neat.

Looks awesome! So whats the situation on selling them? The ES thread just ends in June with a hanging question about the status.

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The situation is money! I need to order at least 500 to get costs down. so we are looking at $50,000 to get started I don’t have that laying around atm.

Understandable. I’d be interested in a couple at the (Dec 2014) estimate of $100 - $130 per motor, if another run like that happened. 500 is certainly tough to hit, though, I’m sure. Good luck!

60mm hub motor hill test

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Hello every one, I wanted more hub motors for personal use so I have placed an order for 20x of my 63mm hub motors. They are based on the 6355 motor that enertion sell and will have the same high quality stator and winding with my magnet upgrades.

The motors will also come with a 83mm wheel on the motor.

The great thing is I will be selling them for $299 for a pair. They have great power and save you a lot on your build while looking so much better.

Please every one let me know your interest, there are only 8 sets up for grabs as I need to keep 2 for myself. If I need to order more I can do that.

Shipping date 11th of Jan

What kind of speed could you get on these running 36 volts? What kind of inclines could it climb? They look really clean and nice.

45km/h and in my video I’m riding up a 10 deg hill with no issues and no real strain.

hey buddy. put me down for a pair… I cant let this opportunity pass.

How do these compare with the carvon hub motors? How do you replace the urethane? Anyone know?

no offence meant to carveon but these look so much beter than carveon.

the motors actually fit within the wheel and arent poking out the sides, and they have a more finished appearance. Im a DIY guy. I like to do EVERYTHING myself. I won’t buy a product if I believe I can make something myself that is on par. the carveon motors look like something I could knock up in my shed with a couple of SK3’s. the fact that I have expressed interest in buying a set speaks for itself really.

The difference is these can be adapted into any truck axel, meaning you just slide it on to the axel then tighten the nut so you can use caliber Paris bear randle monkey surf rods and any I have missed.

The wheels can be removed by removing one of the caps on the side of the motor and it slides off and then back on,

@lowGuido email me [email protected]

Do have 50s and 63s or just 63s. How do we pay

hi @korry i can get some 50’s made but i would need to order 20pcs but if you want the 63’s i have only 5 sets left you can pay via paypal but please send me an email to [email protected]

The urethane looks much thinner than the carvon? Is it user-replaceable? Will you be able to sell replacement wheel for the hub motor?

yes i can sell more wheels i have ordered 100 of them, the urethan is thinner as it is a 83mm wheel he has 90 and 97mm wheels, the bigger wheels mean more torque is required to turn them

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Is this a one time deal or will you make more in the future?

hard to say atm it one time. if any one want to pay 63mm motor Paypal

I dont suppose there would be an XML file for these motors kicking about would there?