50mm custom hub motor set up with enertion carbon fibre deck

for BLDC TOOL? in my links for windows and OS X there would be yes!

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you keen still if so let me know

Sorry for the delay - paypal sent!

@jacobbloy any more for sale?

Yes 2 sets, I ordered another 10

You have any comparison on the torque with your 50mm or 63mm hub builds compared to a 63mm R-spec belted drive set up? I’m a big boy so I’m thinking two powerful hubs or possibly 4x4 config. Just weight and range is a concern but with lots of torque available and less drag than belted system my mind starts thinking…HMMMMM? 4x4 BUT wondering if a set up can be worked out to be like a multi cylinder shut down system in a car. 4 motors to get up to speed, then 2 or 1 wheel drive to get great range on level ground.

Any possibility of this programing gurus or am I thinking too far outside the box?

I’m 95kg i can ride both but the 63mm motors are more efficient, I say hub motors have 1/3 less torque less then a belt drive,

If you do a 4 wheel drive then you don’t need to change how many wheels are driving as if it takes you 1000w to get up a hill you will only use 1000w if you need 300w on the flat it will be the same but your motor will run cooler and then more efficient and then they actually have less wasted power on heat so you might actually have better range on 4wd but the extra weight of the motor will even this out.

I have a customer doing a 4wd hub motors with 107mm wheels.


@jacobbloy I get the ultimate power requirements as far as total amount of power required to do work i.e. get me up a hill, (High School physics flashback). There was an interesting dual hub motor bicycle that I was watching online where they set up separate controls for F&R for uphill traction and they were discussing better range using only one motor and when climbing a steep hill a burst of power from the added front motor was great. My concern was the constant drain from multiple motors as most here post they get little better range from single drives using same power packs. I know dual belts have more loss than single but does that make up for all the difference? Hubs are supposed to be more efficient so selectable drive efficency that’s my thoughts. I’m 130kg and 6’6" my son’s 60kg using his BBD+ testing using “My Tracks” GPS logger got us the following results: I went 6.7km, Avg speed 18km/h with a Top speed of 35km/h. He went 8.9km, Avg speed 26km/h with a Top speed of 44km/h. SO the BBD+ is not slouch with weight on it (their specs on speed are accurate). The board is fairly light and great for my kids use at school but range is limited with me. SO for now I got a Raptor on order for work/commuting/kids hopefully it will be able to keep me up with junior and get me the range I need in the city for my work travels. My heart is looking a MTB with Hub motors for fun and blasting around NYC with little concern for the potholes and the gravel filled roads at home in NJ. I just really like the clean look of hubs and think the larger diameter +air ride of a MTB wheel with a hub would have great torque & be low maintenance.

onloop has got a hub motor setup arm with 2 big hover board motors, I riad it it’s got speed and can go up sloped curbs and over gras, but it’s heaven, I can make you a hub motor out of big 120mm motors or 100mm motor or even 80mm motors!

Depends on your requirements or power wants.

Like this guys

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that motor in video looks like it has 28 leaves instead of 12 leaves (stators , if i am correct)

one person ask him where he got those hub motors . no reply from uploader .

Tiger motor.

I have one set of hub motors if you want them! $299 plus $60 usd shipping

How do they perform? If they are good and @mostwanted doesn’t take them I’m interested.

they are good, but only 85mm wheels if sent some emails out to some ppl about have spares

Tarzan , take it . currently i’m short of spending power . I’m sure Jacob has more in production .

@jacobbloy how do the hub motors fair on starting from a standstill? Are they a bit jerky and need a push or are they smooth? I am also interested in getting a pair

it all depends on the setting my next batch will have sensors and that will help with starting, the vesc jolts until it has found the bite point of the motor, sensors will minimise this.

sadly I’m not doing another run of my motors until get all the feed back i can from my last customers

Do you have any left?

Hi Jacob, I’m interested to buy a pair too. I guess you already sold all of them… When are you going to order the next batch. What size and how many Watts are they going to be?

Vesc.net.au you can buy

Hey man, they look super awesome. I was wondering if you are selling them? Cause I’m definitely interested!