50mm motor mount with a 63mm motor

Hello, I’m just finishing up my build and I want to buy a simple all in one kit from Ebay

I was looking at this one, https://goo.gl/dv8LbL

Its for 50mm motors and I am using a 6374, so I was wondering if I could tilt the motor so that 2 holes line up, tension the belt and then drilling 2 other holes somewhere on the plate for the other 2 holes. Im not sure if there will be enough strength by doing it like this as this is my first build. Or if someone has a cheap alternative that comes with a motor mount and pulleys and a belt that would be great.

Don’t use that motor mount. I have had bad experience with that style of mount

Im using a longboard from amazon with cheap trucks, how else should I attach to them?

I ended up buying caliber ii trucks and mounts to go with it. I got tired of trying to mess with that mount and trying to make it stay on the shaft.

You could if you wanted to buy it use JBweld or weld it on

my advice is to get that mount and a motor with 50mm holes. Tilting it DOES NOT WORK. However, the mounts do hold onto the truck nicely once you have screws going in the the alu on the trucks

Don’t cheap out on trucks and the mount… Those are viable parts of the drive train and also pretty dangerous when failing. I have a colleague who tried those trucks. It was mind wrecking putting these on stable. Plus you’ll have to rework it to fit 63mm motors. In the end he just got another motor mount.

If you however decide to get these, you’ll have to drill the truck. Tap it and get longer grub screws. Make sure to use loctite. Or just weld it on the truck.

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I actually have done this, I bought a similar all in one kit for my board. It has been a complete nightmare because I can’t change move the motor to change the tension in the belt, meaning that I have been burning through belts really quickly due to low tension. I now have realised my mistake and I’m going to buy a proper mount and Caliber 2 trucks. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

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