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50mm single motor Alien build

Hi everyone!
I would like to ask some help with my build… at the moment I have:

  • 120Amp 2-7S BEC

  • 1 x 50mm motor, 270KV, 2200watt, 60Amp, 50mmx65mm, 8mm shaft, 9t, complete of 3mm keyway on the shaft to fit pulley or sprocket.

  • 6S 6300mah 35C flat battery

And here is what I plan to buy in the next few days, I would really appreciate a feedback:

I need a 2.4ghz one and tI will go for the flysky gt2 with the idea to move it in a custom 3d printed case after a while. the question is, ORANGE or SILVER ? What are the differences ?

My motor mount if for Caliber II and I am thinking about ordering this:
I am unsure about the size: 184mm or 158mm ? They will both work or do you think one is better than the other?

My Wheel Hub drive adapter is made for kegels so I would like to buy these:

Before I buy a new one I will try to fit everything in this one:
Dusters Keen V-Ply Cruiser - 8.25" x 31"

What else I need to buy to be ready to assemble when I receive anything?