50T ABEC Press In Pulley, who? Where?

As the title says

Anyone have these for sale anywhere for 15 or 20mm belts

Google searchings lead me to this. These are for 3D printing your pulleys. I use 3D printed pulleys and they work ilke a charm. If you can find someone here that can print these for you then you are golden! (make sure you get the hardware to actually mount the pulley)

If you still want other materials like aluminium, I’m also kinda new so I don’t really know much either though.

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I knew about these and could print some, but would much rather have some aluminum pulleys :wink: just trying to flush out my options before I have some machined… Would rather not have to pay the price for a set to be custom machined if they’re already out somewhere :wink:

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Did you find any?

About as close as you’re going to get.


Ah thats a bummer :frowning:. But thanks :slight_smile: