58T Drive Gears for Evolve GTX from Boardbumpers

Woohoo! I can finally make a new thread. I just posted this in the noobs thread but I jumped into a conversation in progress so looks like I got skipped over. No worries. Just looking for a little insight.

The roads are too rough where I live so I want to keep my AT tires but I’d like a little more top speed. Has anyone tried the 58T drive gears with evolve wheel adapters from Boardbumpers? I want to try them out on my evolve GTX but there’s only one guy that reviewed them and he didn’t provide much feedback. I posted this question on evolve’s forum too but no replies.

Will this drive gear strain my motors too much and reduce my range? I also plan to do the longhairedboy battery mod soon so should I try the drive gears after the battery mod or does it not matter?

Yes, you will get lower range, and the motors will be pushed harder, but I dont think it will do any damage to the motors

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Ok thanks. That’s what I figured. I think with the battery mod that will help make up for the loss in range.

Has anyone here actually tried the 58T drive gears on their AT setup? Just wondering if it’s worth it.

I was thinking about 58T drive gears and a GTX battery mod but I just bought a Lacroix Board :star_struck: