$59 6354 / 6374 Motor GB - CLOSED

The motors can ship on Friday and I will have them by the next Tuesday, August 30th, 2016. Currently the manufacturer only has 10x 6354 and 13x 6374 in stock. They will be first come first serve. The price is $59 for the 6354 and $72 for the 6374. This price includes shipping to myself, but not from me to you. I will ask for initial payment of motors and ask for shipping payment later (PayPal). Shipping should be less that $10 to the US. Other countries are more than welcomed to buy as long as you pay the shipping, I am not sure how much it would be. Now for the specs:

  • 190kv sensored 6354 / 6374
  • 130mm power wire length / 180mm hall sensor wires (120 degree)
  • 4mm bullet connectors
  • 8mm shaft with keyway
  • 0.2mm stator
  • N42SH curved magnets
  • NSK ball bearings
  • 30mm AND 44mm mounting holes (works with TB and Enertion mounts)

Pictures are exact except for the shaft, they will be 8mm all the way and have a keyway. The stealthyness adds 12hp.

Amount Left

6354 - 0/10 6374 - 2/13 Will keep this up to date


@sl33py @caustin @saul be sure to tag anyone else who may be interested.

Inquiry, how are these going to compare? SK3? Budget enertion motors? Did I read the post right? 7374? Also what is the wattage?

These are rated to…10s? 12s?

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The same if not better than the SK3. They are very similar to DIY’s, and are not cheap versions of enertion motors.

There was one typo all the others are correct, I will fix it.

i might be interested! thanks!

Where are you geographically? west coast?

Pennsylvania, United States

Ok sorry, thats too far m8. Good luck with the group buy

Where are you? US or Europe?

Since when were Enertion motors considered cheap?

News to me I thought they were good

I didnt say they were cheap, I said they are not cheap ‘versions’ of enertion motors. I will clarify the post. Sorry for the confusion

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lol edit edit edit

Haha all day… There is all ways something

I’ll take two, PM me with paypal info. Awesome stuff organizing this.

Haha “censored”, but u told everything in it,nice! Those are really nice magnets, stator, and bearings. I’d bet they’re much better than enertion but maybe we will never know what’s in the r-spec.
How do u have mounting holes for both. Looks like just for one

Haha, what do you mean? You can see the 2 sets of mounting holes in the 2nd and fourth pictures.

Oo strange the first pic is just the 4

Yes I know, they are a later version. I just thought the more pictures the better…

It’s sensored not censored.