5x 2s Lipos, Tell me which to buy

I’ve been waiting for over 2 months for the 5000mah 2s Lipos that were $21 on sale to come in stock. Well I give up. Batteries are the last item I need, to finish project.

Can anyone recommend a 2s battery that will not break the bank, reliable C rating of 30+, enough ah to last?

My goal was to spend under $100, as I need 5 2s batteries. I already have the 10s lipo BMS and 2s sensor wire extensions waiting. I would consider 2x 5s batteries but afraid not enough clearance for bottom mount.

You can flat out bigger packs if you know how.

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Yea, I’m going to avoid breaking down lipos for my first build. Though it’s always a thought.


I think with 100$ it’s going to be hard to find 5x 2s lipos with good c-rating. I wouldn’t go under 5000mAh. Most are around 30-40$ with good c-rating. Just search on hobbyking they have a good choice there. If you still have some patience thsn you could wait Black Friday. Last year there where many good deals with lipos.

My favorite lipo brands are:

  • Turnigy Nanotech or Graphene
  • China Hobby Line
  • Tattu

You can get away with using cheapo Multistars if you run more than one in parallel, only using a single motor and can program your VESC to limit amperage.

Zippy FlightMax’s are good, 8000mah and 30c discharge. they just sag quite a bit near the end

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I am running a single 6374, running a mini vesc by flipsky.