6’6 Hamboard Deck, 900w Dual Liftboard motors and 6x13s3p 48v 10.5ah batteries

So I have a 6’6 hamboard and 6 battery packs I want to put on it ( oh I know, you guys will have a lot of questions at this point but I just need advice, I know it’s a weird build etc.) and dual 900w motors from liftboard.

I already designed an enclosure, the only thing I need is a esc.

My questions are: what esc can handle 48v? At full charge the packs rate at 53-54v. The total capacity of the 6 packs in parallel would be 63ah. Will it fry the esc or the motors? The packs have a very good bms on them. All 6 do. Can the motors handle 48v?

The total weight of the build plus me would be about 310lb. Do I need to worry about the trucks not being able to handle the weight?

Very unconventional build, but I live in a very unconventional place and want a surfboard looking skate with pretty much infinite range.

Thanks in advance!