6" All terrain pneumatic wheels for sale 6x2 tires

20190814_120054_HDR 20190814_115920_HDR 20190814_120039_HDR 20190814_120108_HDR

$80usd + shipping

Never used them. 6" wheels 8mm bore. Does not fit regular caliber trucks. Needs longer shaft like torqueboards 218mm

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Pulleys are 60T 5m 15mm wide

are these by dickyho?

No but similar, they are from china too. Aliexpress. Tires size are same as psychotiller AT wheels. Different hubs

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Do they wobble?

Never try them, doesn’t fit my regular calibers ll. But they seem fine. By the time I bought them it was a video of them spining free on the truck and they looked very stable, no wobbling. I’ll try to finde video

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These still available?

Yes they are

Still up for sale!

I want to buy this wheel as a new product. Please tell the sales site. thank you.