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6" Billet Wheel Hub Group Buy $165

In light of my recent upgrade I would like to contribute something special. This group buy is for my wheel hubs and stainless steel hardware only. Tires are not included. (Buy your own damn tires!) There are a few different tires that will fit your new hubs. The ones I recommend come with tubes and can be found here. MATCO

These are real tires. Not crap 2ply scooter tires. They will roll even when flat. So blow outs aren’t an issue. Also, they can hold 50-60psi. They want to go fast!

For those of you looking for different tread I will give you links to the other sources.

The price on this buy is a one time deal and will only be for the first 20 sets. After that it is going to go up to $200 and it wont come back down. (will come with 42t versahub pulley and hardware at this price)

Details: Pneumatic 6" wheel hubs. Will hold 1.3 to 2" width- 6" tires. Will fit any skateboard truck with 8mm axles. Uses standard 608 bearings. This hub is center set and will also work on scooters.

I already gave you the bad news. :joy:

The good news is these are being machined 3 miles from my house in SoCal USA. We wont be waiting for a shipment to fulfill anyone’s orders because they will be picked up and shipped out by your’s truly. The cut off on this group buy is Jan. 20th. Delivery of wheels will be end of Feb. (maybe sooner)

And before you guys start in on me. I’ve ridden 6", 8", 9" and 10" pneumatics. I’ve ridden all of MBS’, Hyline and mongoose hubs.

This is the best hub and tire combo you will ever ride.


I was looking to do a dual motor set up. What is the up-charge for a second pulley for the second wheel?

It would just be the cost of two pulleys and two spacers.

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The picture’s wrong on that plate sprocket mount on their site…not sure why but I assure you its the right parts. This is the part:

@psychotiller the matco’s look awesome but I’m curious about the other options, specifically thinner tires and perhaps higher psi. In a quick search I found lawn mower tires and skike options which would actually be great if they’ll fit (although I think they’re 6.25"). I bet you have something better in mind!

How do these feel compared to the 8" MBS rockstars ? It sounds like you’ve tried all the pneumatic options so I’d love a basic breakdown! Why do you like 6"? Why aluminum and not nylon?

I wish these had been available before I settled on 5-inch pnuematics! :laughing: Awesome to see another production run!

I decided on 6" because they were a perfect height for clearance under the deck for electronics, but also not so big as to cause wheel bite using skate trucks. Also ride height is more similar to a longboard on urethane. One thing I learned when I raced mountain boards was swing weight effected slides as well as tight turns. The best way to battle swing weight was to lighten the ends of my board. At the time I had to settle for 8" tires. The rock star hubs were nice and light, but not that durable. Also note, that the rolling resistance of those 8" mbs tires didn’t even come close to urethane. The Matcos roll the best so far for what I’ve tried. I haven’t had the opportunity to run a downhill dirt course on these hubs, but I already know they’d kick ass. As far as psi, I’m wondering what you’ve found that can run a higher psi than the matcos? 50 psi is solid. And at that pressure the tires contact patch is only 1/2" wide. I have a few sets of narrower tires you can try if you’d like. Let me knowUploading...

@psychotiller thanks for the response! The pneumatics I’m using in this build are repurposed Skike wheels for kid’s rollerblades. They’re 5"x1" and 100 psi. I like the thin profile and high psi, the rolling resistance is really low so they feel as fast as 'thane.

The downside of these, though, is that at 100 psi if the tire isn’t molded perfectly at the factory you see a vertical wobble which becomes noticeable at higher (15 mph+) speeds. Sorta looks like a bike wheel that’s out of “vertical true,” even though the hub itself is true. I’ve had two tires that weren’t perfect and I can feel it. I also don’t expect that they’re highly durable.

I had that same issue with the 90psi RoadStar tires. The Matcos are true

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Wasn’t some of your vertical wobble created by the valve stem weight?

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I don’t think so; it’s just imperfect QA. Go figure for a kid’s tire! It’s almost as if they didn’t design these wheels for a grown man to ride around at 20mph!


Lol. Growning up rollerblades just came out and they had plastic spacers. We learned pretty quick after riding down the mountains that you needed metal ones. Our first run down we all had to walk home after falling flat on out face because our spacers melted and froze up. The good old days.


For got to mention, 50psi in a 2x6" tire is more pressure than 100psi in a 1x5". That would explain why I think mine have less resistance. I’ve tried the 1.25 x 6" version of your tires.

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@psychotiller that’s so interesting; I would have thought that the increased width of the tire would mean more surface area in contact with the ground, hence more rolling resistance even at a high psi. But riding results trump any theories, thanks for letting me know!

Looks like this thread is kinda old but I would love to get my hands on a set of four of these and hardware for two of them for my dual motor build.

The group buy is closed, but I ordered a few extra sets. The price for a complete wheel set including tires hardware and pulleys is on my site.
I’ll let you know when I pick them up @monk !

Im actually also interested in that set for a second build. I just really wanna know how much the shipping to Denmark costs? I’d probably get myself one of your cases too if the shipping is somewhat affordable :smiley:
I imagine that you’ve probably never sent a package to Denmark but it should be around the same as the cost to sending a package to Norway/Sweden/Finland/Germany.

I’ll look into shipping costs and let you know soon!

Cool! Will be waiting.

Have you found anything out?

I’m waiting on the wheels to be finished. Soon. I’ll let you know.