6 degree angled riser - 3D printed?

I’m looking for a 6 or 5 degree riser for my front truck that has a low base height. For example 1mm to 7mm height. All the places I’ve looked have 8mm to 14mm or higher. Does that make sense? If anyone has a bolzen 6 degree wedge in the US that would be great, because they are $30 shipping to the US from the stores I’ve found them.

The Khiro rail risers look good too, but seem to be out of stock everywhere.




not OP but I’m looking for risers for my setup

do you recommend these for just normal risers?

looking for something that will help with vibrations too

Those could work. The bamboo color kills the vibe, which is why I originally passed those up. I could paint them. @Deckoz You already know exactly what I’m doing. I hope I won’t be too much of a pain around here :grin:

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They are wood so you can stain them too :wink:

I could 3d print some for you if you want, but I’m not in the US so I don’t know if the shipping will be worth it for you.

Yeah, I could stain them. I don’t have any experience staining bamboo, but it might be fun. It looks like they could be heat treated (burned) black too, although that might crack them or ruin their integrity.

@High-roller thanks for the offer, but you’re probably right that it wouldn’t be worth the cost internationally for risers.

well they have to be a certain thickness for 5-6 degrees. Hint "pythagoras ".

@Benjamin899 Here’s a quick illustration of what I am talking about. Each triangle has the same angle. It’s the base that I’m trying to get rid of.

I’m going to edit a file on thingiverse and print it out on 3dhubs. I’ve never done a 3d print before but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

FYI the bolzen wedges are about 5mm on the small size before the angle. So getting an 8mm won’t be to different :slight_smile:

I just measured mine @Gdunn416

Thanks for the measurement. I think I’ve gone in too deep in the 3D print world now, lol. It’s only 8 bucks on 3dhubs.com to print a riser (Plus shipping) and it’s easily customizable. I can change height and angle with easy slider controls. I have a feeling that you @Deckoz would like this. Check out these two different versions below and click “Open in Customizer”

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Well, @cobber found this out before I did, that Sk8kings has a ton of Khiro wedges. I called them up and I was told that Khiro had gone out of business last year, and that Sk8kings bought the rest their inventory. I’ll be going with them to pick up what I need. Thanks for the help everyone!

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I have these…

Khiro 15° Angled Wedge Rail Risers https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/products/71795/khiro-15-angled-wedge-rail-risers-a059675b-5beb-460c-98a1-0665f0dabf17

You could maybe shave them down?

I ended up buying some from Sk8Kings here.

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