6 X 50T Pulleys for Trampa Gummies on Superstar Hubs

Selling here Aluminium pulleys for the new Trampa Gummies or similar sized wheels on Superstar Hubs.

HTD 5M - 18mm width Aluminium 6082-T6 M4 threads fits for Superstar hub 5x M4x50 Screws 5x 10mm Aluminium Spacers

50€ per Item Exportprice for Non EU Countries… all others +19%

6X in stock

2x already reserved for @dmrtac08

send me your paypal adress, i hook you an request.

Cheers Jenso


look cool bro :sunglasses: sweet strong minimal design… Jenso-style can’t wait to see what are you thinking for the 165’s :wink:

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Jens you’re a mad scientist!!! I sent you PM with my paypal info… Thanks Again!!

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Hey buddy, so I have an evolve gt truck and I’ve ordered the trampa gummies, any idea I can use these pullys on the evolve gt trucks?

@Zacky yes the width would be fine, but there would be no pulley bearing.

The bigger issue is going to be that superstars use 28mm OD bearings - which don’t have an 8mm ID option. So you will need to sleeve your axle to 10 or 12mm. As sleeving to 9.325mm would be to thin of a sleeve.

Evolve trucks are 8mm with a 10mm section for the pulley bearings.

The last set can be purchased here:

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Will these work on MBS Rockstar Hubs?

If they are the same as superstars, yes. I have heard the MBS Rockstar Pro’s are the same pattern as Superstars.

But I do not know for sure. And I also do not know if the gummies fit Rockstar, 50T would probably be a little steep of ratio with larger pneumatics…

Hi deckoz, im having issues placing the order, is the price indicated on the website for 1pcs or a pair of 2?

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Hey Edit Mbs pattern is not the same as trampa superstar

I got only left 1 of the 50t pulleys Price is for one

Actually i am in hospital… have had an accident Cant say actually how long it takes waiting for further examination )-:


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Shit dude… Hope you heal fast! :astonished:

Ha Ha Why you delate it? Actually no new batch planned… Cheers

Thats okay :slight_smile:

Because i saw that Trampa is Selling 44T wich is perfect for my build.

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