$60 6354 Brushless Motors 230kv

Hey guys,

I know this is not the best place to post this topic but I figured people view this forum area more often…

I have been in contact with a manufacturer and am able to get my hands on 6354 230kv brushless motors for 60 bucks! There would also shipping to you (could not be anymore more than a few bucks). I can attach photos when they provide them. I’d be more than happy do to the order and shipping etc. They would arrive to my place in Holland, Michigan and I could ship immediately to you.

MINIMIUM ORDER OF 5 PEOPLE. We need more motor group buys…

This exact motor but in black…

I have attached a poll to get a good idea of how many people are interested.

  • Yes I am interested
  • No I shall pass on this deal

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Let me know!


Would these motors be sensored or unsensored?

From what I have been told, sensored!

However there may be unsensored options, I can ask. But it looks like sensored.

pictures please.

working on it :slight_smile:

@marcus we have a rule on the forum that any member starting a group buy must be level 3. Please hang out here a little longer and then give this try then.