60 series motor mount desperately wanted Perth, Western Australia

Hey guys, Been struggling waiting for all my esk8 parts to arrive and the last but not least “motor mount” reckons it’s lost from USA FML!!!. Seller = VANPRO . Perth WA is the worst place to ship too :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:. Would Any one local or eastern states keen on selling me an option minimum 3 days post please . Mount to fit Paris style truck 20mm.

Those “vanpro” mounts are dangerous man, very thin brittle plate, imagine a snap at 25mph.

We carry paris style mounts here which would be shipped via 3-5 day mail (I think the shorter mailing times are prohibitively expensive)

If you do choose to buy from us, please use the discount code “OUTSIDEEU” so you don’t need to pay VAT.