$600 BOOSTED COPY | Cheap Dual 6355 190KV | SONY VTC6 12S 2P | Vanguard deck| OT Kegel 80A | 2 x Maytech vesc | boostedstyle Paris Truck Mount

Hi guys ! I’m Tony. I’ve been doing part time job in 7-11 for 3 month to get my budget (600$):yum:.(I’m from China :grinning:) I’m going to build a board just like boosted

Here are the parts i purchased :

  1. Vanguard deck+Paris v2 truck = $157(used)
  2. Orangtang Kegel 80a =$80 (They are super expensive in China :scream:)

3.Boosted Style customized dual 6355 motor @190kv with sensor=45$ each (included shipping)

4. Dual Maytech vesc=$70 each (bought it in 11.11 shopping festival deal super cheap! :heart_eyes:) 5. Xiaomi Power bank aluminum shield which can fit 8x18650 cells and cheap ($5 for 3 piece include shipping)

Total cost=$472

So I have $137 left for 12s2p Sony VTC6(80$) Pulley wheels for kegel (3d print) 228 HTD 3M belt(5$) 3D print boosted style remote

Im gonna design my own motor mount that looks like the boosted ones.I’ll share the files after I finish it .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


looks cool! what are you gonna do about enclosures?

Thanks ! i’m gonna design and 3dprint holders to hold these powerbank shield underneath the board

wont be much of a boosted board without the boosted style enclosures :confused:

I agree with @GrecoMan … Check out @Eboosted enclosures thread for some really nice looking ones


was just about to link those here :grinning:

Totally true :joy:gonna give up on the aluminum shield, i found this on taobao.com. costs about 95rmb(14$), look ok but not very cool though.

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to the untrained eye that would definitely look like a boosted board! you could also definitely 3d print them and add some fiber tape on the inside for reinforcement

I’ve never get my hands on a real boosted board :cry: not sure if i can make one thats better than the 14$ one, i do have a 3d printer though, the problem is 3D modeling, seems hard to draw the boosted shape, is there any existing stl files ?:scream:

these ones were made by @jackw

heres his boosted clone build thread:
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Yes there are indeed, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1834035

Edit: 1 minute too late :slight_smile:


the vesc enclosure looks legit! when it comes to the battery enclosure,i think the 14$one looks better. what do u think?:smiley:

Thanks bro!

that $14 one looks like it is super tall

yep, didnt notice that at first look, it turned out to be 60cm tall,dang,i m a bit worry that the one jackw made is too thin to fit 12s 2p :cold_sweat:

It is designed for 12s2p :wink:

Cool! thanks a lot for the information! gonna go with jackw’s work :blush:

great! good luck!

Boosted board enclosers


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where did you find those motors? might want some in the future