60T-72T wheel pulley for MBS Hubs

I am looking for a set of pulleys that will mount on MBS Hubs. Prefer 60T-72T and 15mm wide. I am in the US and would prefer to get them from the US to save on shipping and time.

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@flywithgriff I’ve got an evolve wheel pulley for the MBS rockstar 2 I’ll sell ya. Never used.

Do they fit the same? I’m currently running Evolve wheels and pulleys.

Apparently Evolve Sells a bolt in pulley that fits MBS hubs.

The one I have is designed for the MBS RS2, I can’t say for certain whether it’s the same as the one you’ve linked above, I bought it before they came out w their G2 stuff. I can DM you a pic.

Please do sir

is there a link for this? I cant find it for shit :stuck_out_tongue:


The link above, that’s a plastic/ABS printed one. If you want aluminum version of that at a reasonable price, I think @Kaly is your best bet. His 62T pulley + 16T drive pulley and belt are $50. So may just the 62T pulley is about the same price as the evolve one but in aluminum.

@flywithgriff Hey did you end up buying the wheel pulley from evolve? And if you did was it 15mm width? And 5m pitch?