63*4 stator dimensions

I am searching for dimensions of 63mm motor stator. Maybe someone has taken one apart and could provide me with dimensions like outter diameter and inner hole diameters without bearings and etc.

The most used are 51.8 and 52.8 mm if I remember correctly. Let me double check.

Length with each 54 64 74 motors would also be helpful.

What about 80mm motor stator? :smiley:

Mostly I need center hole diameter :stuck_out_tongue:

Your are asking too much to my memory. I can’t even remember where I read the OD but I am pretty confident it was 52.8

never mind saw it was 64, mine was 6355

It was OK :slight_smile: I took mine apart finally and realised it is too small.

what were the dimensions you found XD

Gear place 20mm, outside gear like next to laminates its ~23mm.

I had an idea to reuse stator on hub motor but the inner hole is too small. Don’t know how much would cost to make a different style punch template but was just a hunch maybe its possible :smiley:

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Found al ink to the product of 35mm height stator 63mm width