6355 190kv Drive train for sale

I need to get rid of some things. Decided to go with bigger motors for a All Terrain setup. I need to make this a quick sell so I would like to sell everything in a combo. I need the money to buy my new 6374 motors.

What you see below is These are Maytechs 6355 190kv outrunners Ecalibers trucks one complete truck and one hanger. And one has torque board baseplate Boardnamics motor mounts (can be mounted either way) 36/15 pulleys 280mm belts 4x 97mm Abec wheels

Wheels has about 200 miles on them. They were on my evolve GT for awhile Motors has about 60 miles on them

Asking price-Sold Only thing that doesn’t come in the picture are is the orangatang nipples

image image image


Damn that’s a good price.


I really want to ride this trail my group is doing in a week so I need AT wheels and motors quick.

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How much do you want for the motors, if your willing to split it up?

Can you hold out I’ll buy it all next week just gotta spend what I got on the the race this weekend. I just blew my motors and my mounts suck.

Are you willing to ship to Europe ? If yes i`d buy immedeatly