6355 200 Kv, motor amps?

What motor amps are you guys running your 6355, 200 Kv motors at? Most retailers list them at 80A, is that roughly what you guys are using?

I run 80a but that’s alot of power if you are not used to rideing esk8 I’d start at 40a and work your way up.

A good question is can I run more than 80a safely on 12s with Focbox? Lol havnt tried by my motors don’t get hot at all even on a hot day.

Do you have a metering app? Curious what your peak motor amps looks like during a ride

I don’t at this point, I’m waiting for something that can do data logging but for now I only have info from my Raptor 2. I set it at 80a motor amps and with hard launches I’d see spikes up to 135amps I am heavy though.

Anyone else? Trying to get a sense of what is typical

I have mine set at 45 I think, I am only 60kg though with gear.

dual 6355 190kv 12s max 110A total, gearing 15/36 83mm wheels 100kg rider

6355 190kv x 2 I run them at 80 amps 160 amps net. (motor rating) I had hit the max during hard acceleration.
I’m running dual 6.6 flipskys and high discharge lipos at 12s

How hot is not hot? Warm to touch? My sk3 get warm to the end of the warm scale at 70amp