6355, 6374 or 6384?

40-42T wheel pulley is recommended, I’m waiting on a pair from @dickyho

Thats the thing, I want to ride fast and then have torque, my top speed isn’t high enough, want to go 12s and 8072s but $$$$

Yep, was going to write 40t but i had to check before i said anything hahah.

I personally run 13:36 if i didnt set the ramp up a little high no one would be able to be safe on my board.

I’m just a motherfucker that wants power and speed :stuck_out_tongue:


My li ion (lghg2 cells) pack will be 12s6p with dual maytech vesc. Gear ratio 15:36 with 83mm flywheels.

You might run into trouble using two 6384s as there are no trucks out there that can handle them side by side. Maybe as a diagonal setup on a Torqueboards 218 mm? Or you could get yourself a set of the soon to be released Arbor trucks if @GrecoMan gets his stuff together :slight_smile:

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hey now :rofl:

i’m working on it :wink:

They would fit, I meassured it

Fit on what truck?

On one tb 218mm truck

On the same side, only with 3 mm wide belts?

Fuck yeah, 3mm belt for life!

Aint nobody got time for 9 or 12mm

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Nope with 15mm belts, they fit trust me

Nah if it’s the APS they surely don’t fit. Or you must have found a very clever motor mount design. I need to have a hanger of 234 mm to obtain a spacing of bit more than 1 mm between the bells.

I allready have everything except the motors and I meassured the space between the mounts, theoretically they would fit

How did you do that? Got a model for it? This is the width I need pulley to pulley. Distance between the inner bearings is approx. 254 mm which you might squeeze to 248 or so max.


Wouldnt you be able to get a bit more belt space if you shave the wheels down so it would be smaller on the motor side? Like remove enough so its flush with the rim of the wheel .

These are Constrictor wheels with Kegel hubs.

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… TB 218mm with 12mm wide belts (aha)