6355 and 6374 Sensored Motors with Sealed Can now available at Street Wing

Look what just came in today! New sensored Street Wing motors with a completely sealed can to keep out the dust, debris and water. Available in 6374 and 6355 size now https://street-wing.com/product-category/motors/

motor_6374_sealed_1 motor_6374_sealed

motor_6355_sealed_1 motor_6355_sealed


beautiful motors😍

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And insight on thermals? Let’s say that running a non sealed 6355 gets warm (± 50 •C), do I risky overheating these motors?

I’m tired of opening them to remove debris

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£108.00 that is the sale price. :joy:.

Wow prices just seem to be going up and up. I don’t doubt the quality of your product and they do look good. Just wish the prices were better!!!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

The paintwork on these motors is stunning and they look amazing when mounted on a board.

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they run cool so thermals are not an issue.

hub motors tend to be the motors that get really hot

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if you purchase through a company that is VAT registered that will bring the price down 20% :slight_smile:

Unfortunately cost prices are going up on everything from parts to accountant fees and everything else :frowning: Plus the pound has tanked which doesn’t help things.

It’s a right PIA isn’t it!

The amount of dust and crap I have pulled out of motors is insane, and anything metal seems to just get pulled right up into the motors.

I will test print a cover to make them sealed and see what happens, but first have to open again and remove yet another rock, hope to have not broken a magnet since its making a lot of noise

Can’t wait to get mine :metal:t3: Thank you

These look like Maytech’s am I right?


@FranciscoV - my pleasure man, enjoy the motors :slight_smile:

Your package has been dispatched and should be with you within 4 working days if UPS keep their promise

Yes they are

Looking forward to my delivery :grin:


I’m so pumped! I appreciate it. And for those who are wondering. Dispatching my order took him less than 24hrs So damn FASSST Thank you. Let ya know when they arrive

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@FranciscoV please let me know if the email with the tracking number didn’t come through and I will ping you an email

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Ah. No need for that. I’ve got the email with tracking info. Thank you brother. I appreciate it.

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totally my pleasure mister :slight_smile:

Good to know the emails are working correctly, just did some work on the site’s backend, thanks for the confirmation.

It’s really unlikely you will have any issues with the parts, but if you do please get in contact and I will get it sorted out straight away.

Someone recently posted that DIY e-skate stores have better support before you make the purchase, but not so much after. I am determined to make sure Street Wing continues to be the exception to that rule.

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:joy::joy: damn. It’s funny but so true. Man. Your product seems legit. I don’t think there will be any issues but I sure will let ya know if that’s the case!! And I think I speak for a lot of members of the forum when I say. Thank you for keeping customer support legit even after you’ve made the sale. A lot of companies kinda fail at exactly that.

These get slightly hotter than the non sealed motors, but I haven’t reached any temps on my 6374 that would worry me…

Winding temp insulation rating is 100°C according to manufacturer.

Motor has a (properly working :grin:) temp sensor.

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