6355 brushless motor (EU)

In case anyone from EU has a spare motor to sell.

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Have you tried Alien Power Systems?

Yes but they are currently unavailable unfortunately.

Esk8.de? They have some nice sensored motors

I have one sk3 192kv left to sell, pm me your price, it only has ridden 15km :slight_smile:

Esk8 is an option but i am looking for under 100€

https://store7570530.ecwid.com/#!/eSk8-de-Motor-esk8-6354-mit-200kV-2-1KW/p/57822247/category=15255004 at 89,- EUR ?

and this one for €94: https://store7570530.ecwid.com/#!/eSk8-de-Motor-esk8-6354-200kV-2-2KW-mit-Sensoren/p/65758944/category=15255004

Oh sorry, under 90€ including shipping.

Ah, yes, that will be more challenging.Let us know if and where you found one. I guess in that case hobbyking would be your only guess actually.

@zeno i’m looking for a used motor bro, i know that it is hard to get a new one for this price :wink:

Ah yes. :slight_smile: My bad.

Why new under 90e isn’t okay but used one is? You can buy new one from hobbyking under 90e

HK has them on backorder only. I need it faster.

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hey, I have 6354 230kv in stock here http://eskating.eu/product-category/motors/

i have two motors 1400 watt dual 2800 watt 270kv for sell live in germany :slight_smile:

I already got it, thanks!