6355 vs 6374 motor performance difference?

How much of a difference in performance would you expect between between a 6355 and a 6374 motor (190kv in my case)?

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If you have 2 6355s in a dual drive configuration on one board, and a single 6374 on another board, and both boards are otherwise exactly the same:

The 6374 build will sort of feel like your dual drive if your dual drive had only 1.5 motors.

That’s the best way i can explain it.

Of course this depends on what motors your using. My opinion is based on using the motors from the same brand.

I upgraded my GF’s board from an older 200kv 6355, to a newer 6374 190kv. Since i switched from a no-name to @JLabs’ 6374 they aren’t like to like besides size, but a noticeable improvement in power.

I had a single 6374 setup on my DIY, I also rebuilt a Raptor 1 with dual 6355, I test rode it as a single setup while waiting for parts. The one 6355 is strong, but the torque is definitely missing especially when I pushed the throttle after a bit of coasting. the 6374 just punches.

Dual 6355 is still better than a single which is why I sold mine and kept the Raptor

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The difference on this motor sizes is at the low speed.

The torque on a dual 6374 it ia just like 4 times that of the smaller motors, the acceleration from zero( uphill or flat ) is just ridiculous, for riding in stop and go traffic there is nothing better than Dual 6374, better braking and faster acceleration up to 25mph.

After 18-25 mph the 6355 will just provide a faster top end speed and the torque will be comparable to the 6374. For open areas or low density cities 6355 is great.

But once you get use to dual 6374 there is no coming back down.



Bear in mind that there will be additional drivetrain losses with a dual setup, so you may get better range with the single 6374 over the two 6355s

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Thanks for all the info. I’m set on a signle drive set up for my first build and after all of this input it’s definitely going to be wit a 6374. Must. Have. Torque.

Can’t wait to finish my Trampa build to see what these dual 6374 monsters can do.

@kaly ship my pullies pleeeease! :grinning:


@Eboosted what trucks are those?

Those were Trampa mini spring trucks

I think I have read through all this and no one has stated what the difference between 6355 and 6374 is at all. People keep talking about stuff but why will 6374 motor be more powerful than 6355 one specifically no one provided. Bigger magnets… That’s nice what does that mean? My only logical conclusion is BETTER EFFICIENCY. Bigger magnets might mean more efficiency, that’s it… I can’t find anything else relevant. It’s voltage * amps and you get your output, then there are heat and mechanical losses which includes how big the magnets are and everything. So we need someone to explain and show how “bigger magnets” make the difference and what the difference is between the weight of magnets in 6374 vs 6355 motors and show how 30 amps to the motor gives 6% more power with 6374 vs 6355 etc. Cause I have no clue whether it is 3% difference, 10% etc… And no one here obviously does either. Anyone with real info?

Every motor has a peak efficiency at a certain voltage and ampage so in one case a smaller motor a x speed and tork will be more efficient than a larger moter. then at y speed and tork the larger motor is more efficient at a difrent speed and tork.

If it’s eficency your after the 63mm motors are not right thay are way to powerful you want to be looking at 40mm motor I estimate but you have very little power or acceleration and issues of over heating on hills. Think of it as cars a 1 litre car is very good at saving fule in a city nipping to the shops but a lorry will be fare better at saving fule when moving 40 tons of stuff acros the country. Comersal boards normally use 50mm motors but diy use 63mm motors and larger battery packs because we all wante more powere to blast past that boosted board and leave it in the dust as we feel smug that we have a faster board smiling from ear to ear.

If you want real word exsperiance Dule 65 55motors are a little better on hills and exseliration. Single 65 67 motors were a little better on range and the board set up was a little lighter

The main reason I stuck with dule 6555 was brakes are much better. Better at reducing speed but mainly griping the road with double the eurathane (a lot less skidding when some thing happened I wasn’t exspecting) but also thay felt more reliable and responsive.

The data on moter efiancy or variable speed tork and duty cycles that we preduce when ES8 just is not provided by motor manufactures and you don’t have the data or how you will ride it and the set up variable factors of wind drag and every thing els means it’s all a bit of guessing testing to see what works best for you. We can provide our obsovashions and exsperiance for you to make up your own conclusion of what most important for your build.

What I can tell you as bigger magnets do not make a motor more efficient the balance between the strength of the magnet the distance from the windings voltage amps heat frequency resistance motor design pole number duty cycle etc etc all effect it as a combined thing.

Bigger motors normally have heavier gage windings meaning that can use more amps befor over heating making them more powerful.

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Thanks for all the info man, really appreciate it. I understand totally what you are saying. I am comparing 2 motors bigger ones vs smaller ones. As I thought too… Bigger motor will mean bigger windings/magnets therefore it will take more amps, therefore I will have more power… But for example Maytech motors are all rated to 65/70 amps with no difference between the sizes 6355/6365/6374. Everyone says bigger motors will give you more torque… If all the motors are getting the same ameprage and they can use it, how big of a difference will there be between those two motors? And why would there be a difference other than in less heat losses for the bigger motor or efficiency difference as you say. My main point for more power is acceleration from standstill/slow speeds where most of the power is generated by motor amps as the voltage within the low duty cycle is low too. I just wonder if it makes sense to “upgrade” to 6374 from 6355 while having the same max motor amperage. IF the difference is noticeable and what is the reason for it being so.


a bigger motor is able to use the amps you put in it more efficiently. that’s the siplest explanation i can make. i don’t have the technical background to explain al this but i know this is true. i’ve had a single 6355 and a singe 6374 build on the same setup same vesc settings and thee 6374 actualy outperfored the 6355. especially in startup torque. no noticeable difference at higher speeds though.

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Voltage and Amps alone do not make force, according to Lorentz force law you get F=q * (E + v x B) With a bigger magnet you get a higher magnetic field (B) giving you more force!


Yeah that’s what I wanted to know at least. That’s the only thing that makes sense… Efficiency… bigger magnets can use the higher amperage better. We won’t know by how much obviously but you say it’s noticeable. Man that’s all I hoped to hear. Thank you :slight_smile:

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It is magnetic field that drives it I get that but what is the ideal ratio between size of magnets / size of the motor / size of the windings with any given amperage… Cause at some point bigger magnet will make it worse for the same amount of amps. And I wonder If anyone knows where the “golden ratio” is. Simply said what e-skate like motor will give me the best torque for 70 amps max motor amps?

For motors small enough to drive an esk8 I’d say bigger will always give you more force per AMP if you have the same kv rating.


good info, thank you :slight_smile:

to test that we’d have to load test all different motor sizes and configurations and compare graphs. i’d too like to see something like that but it’s almost impossible to test EVERY motor size available XD

still, i think 6355/65/74 are the best eskate motors as they pack a big punch for a handy size