6355 vs 6374 motor performance difference?

My previous build was dual 6355 and on my current build i use dual 6374. Its not a huge performance difference. I honestly feel that 6374 isnt worth it. dual 6355 is plenty powerful :slight_smile:

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Here my 2 cents about motor size, I use/used dual 6355, 6364 and 6374 with almost similar kv. On flat terrain they all perform nice without massive difference in torque BUT riding uphill is a real different story, the steeper the more difference.

On heavy incline dual 6355 slow down a bit, dual 6364 keep the speed and with dual 6374 I can accelerate on the same hill. If you want to climb hills definitely go for 6374.

Also I found performance differences between 6374 motors e.g. SK8 motors have very linear power delivery whereas closed Maytech motors response more direct/aggressive/punchy to throttle.


These observations are all with the same current settings?

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Damn you caught me :laughing:

My post is not really scientific, more a general feeling but to give you some numbers:

  • 6355 130kv APS | Motor 55A | Battery 45A @10s

  • 6364 136kv Trampa | Motor 50A | Battery 50A @10s/12s

  • 6374 150kv Unik/Maytech | Motor 65A | Battery 50A @12s

  • 6374 149kv SK8 | Motor 80A | Battery 50A @12s

To make an accurate comparison it would be necessary to have the same current settings and just swap the motors with same KV on the same build. True.

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