6364 or 6374 single motor

So im building a first board and I’ve bought an SK3-6364 190KV motor. This was obviously before i did a whole heap of reading about 6374’s. For a single motor setup, will there be much performance difference between the two and would the 6374 cause less range?

Range is more depended on ur cells…

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using 2x5S 8000mah lipos at 35c

Idk about lipos…

Yeah it doesn’t matter about the lipos, it matters about how much current the two motors pull Eg if a 6364 pulls 5a at 40% throttle and a 6374 pulls 8a at 40% throttle. (this isn’t right its just an example to get my point across.)

I would say it depends on your weight and if you want to climb hills. My first build was with single 6355 motor only and it worked well on flats, also hill climbing was possible (but no acceleration) and I weigh 74kg.

On my MTB I had dual 6364 motors and switched to 6374. There is definitely a difference especially when climbing steep hills but for normal riding it’s little.

I would just use the 6364 motor which you already bought.

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exactly the answer i was after, thanks @rich

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I have a 10S Lipo build with a single 6374, I can climb hills (I’m 70Kg). At least hills in my city (Vancouver, Canada). If you’re sure of going for a single drive build, I’d say go for a 6374 so you’re sure you don’t lack power when you need too. I honestly think the electricity consumption at a constant speed won’t be a lot different between a 6374 and 6364.

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I would say if budget is not ur concern take the 6374 especially in single build. It have more torque and reduced heat on longer rides, which makes it slightly more efficient. Nevertheless, the performance on flat grounds, they are rather equal.

@louwii they aren’t super steep hills are they?

Not as steep as San Francisco. If you want to be able to climb steep hills, I’d say you should go for a dual drive.

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awesome cheers my friend