6374 168KV 83mm clones turnigy motor mount : drivetrain system?

Hi all, I am building an electric skateboard with the following parts: a single Sk3 6374 168KV 83mm clones Turnigy motor mount Caliber II 50 trucks I have read the basics of the drive train system on this forum and just cant figure this out :confused:. So I think a 15t:36t pulley system would be great as it will achieve 20mph (still willing to change) but dont know what size of belt is required. This is partially due to not knowing the centre distance of the turnigy mount. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

I would highly suggest using a different mount for your calibers. On a budget @dickyho’s are good, otherwise there’s a bunch of options. Once you decide on one a search should give you belt length, 15/36 is a pretty standard gearing.

Best way though is to assemble it all and run a peice of string over the pulleys to measure, then buy the perfect size.

Most mounts give a little space for the motor to be moved, this helps with any slack and clearance

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for those mounts you’ll need between a 260mm and 270mm belt

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Use this badboy http://calc.esk8.it/

I personally can´t recommend the turnigy motor mount. It doesn´t fit caliber trucks and mine wiggled itself loose over time (I used Loctite) get a @dickyho or @e.board_solutions mount. :smile:

Just my experience.