6374 192kv and 12s4p

Hi guys

I think I may have made a mistake.

I’ve got a Trampa all terrain board with ideas motor mount. 15t and 72t. Focbox unity is awaiting delivery.

I ordered some motors and they have just arrived but I am now wondering if they are correct for the battery I want.

The motors are two of the hobbyking sk8 190kv and the battery I want is 12s4p. Is there any issues with using these together? Slow speed etc?

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You will fly like a rocket. All good! Torque would be better with lower kV but as long as you don’t plan crazy off road sessions all is good

‎ nope

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Cheers. Massive loss in torque or you think they will be fine for offroading?

I have also a mount from idea & unity. I have ordered a 170kv motor. I think 192kv is to high on 12s? check it to be sure :wink:

Your 190kV is probably anyhow more like 180 or 200kV… you have a good gearing. Should work for your needs. If you have too less torque than just by a smaller motor pulley and you good.

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You’ll be fine at 190kv

If not im screwed because that’s that im running lol

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Just don’t hit the brakes going downhill on a full battery.

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Haha cheers guys

Actually I think you will have lots of voltage sag with a 4p battery for use on a mountain board.

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