6374 flipsky 190kv for mountainboard

hi, everyone l am a bit dissapointed about my new flipsky motor l bought and let me explain why , theses motor will be used for my new mountainboard build but of what l see the bearing are very tiny small compare to my previous sk3 turnigy but the flipsky are sensored and its the reason l purchased them but now more l read about theses flipsky motor more l am scare about the fact they are not reliable !! the magnets are fallen a part with vibration ! but l run my board with 8 inch tire so l think this will help the life of motor isn’t?

They should be fine even if they are unreliable you are running duel drive if one fails you have one more. Just enjoy it and clean them out once in a while with a compressed air.

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This is bad advice from someone who pedaled shitty motors that were known to fail.

If you have broken magnet gristle churning around in your motors, they could bind or they will eventually shred the windings and short the motors (possibly catapulting you into the ground while they are at it). Flipsky motors may not be the most reliable ones out there, but your problem can be abated in most any motor by proper battle hardening, ie applying epoxy between the magnets to hold them in place and protect them.

I would open up the cans that you have and check how badly the magnets are mangled. If they aren’t too bad, and you can clear away any gristle (which will be hard bc magnets) you might be able to epoxy them and still run 'em. Might be too late though.

how can be to late? . they are brand new and never run them before

Ok if you would like to “battle harden” them follow this video

Although if you ride mostly on streets it might not be entirely necessary.

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yes run l mostly on street, maybe 10% offroad

Well look into it if your interested I personally just replace the motor when if goes bad. Cleaning with compressed air is good enough for me. Although I don’t off road at very much at all.

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btw l am not new to the hobby , have riding since 2016 with the sk3 turnigy 190kv and they hold very well for 3 year

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all l can say the sk3 are better in quality build bearing are so much better quality and size


True those are bullet proof.

the sk8 from hobbyking should be bullet proof if they use the same bearing but anyway l will ride the flipsky until one die and l will buy again the sk3 . the cons for sk3 they are only sensorless and also the mounting hole for the screw are very weak

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Sounds like a plan.

finger cross if can ride all summer without any issue . theses cost me lot of money because my canadian money worth nothing compare to usa

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l forget to ask you what are you riding right now ?