6374 motor shaft buzz but no shaft movement

So I’ve hooked everything up, set up the remote, then when I accelerate, the motor makes a nice sound like its trying to initiate movement but the shaft doesn’t move. I’ve switched the motor cables round but no change. Anyone know what might be going wrong?

What ESC? What battery? Did you do motor detection? Have you tried starting it while it’s turning instead of from a dead stop? What happens?

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Flipsky 75100, 10s3p battery. Not sure what motor detection is so maybe that’s why. Is that programming the esc with the motor? Is that an essential step I’ve just completely skipped?

What ESC? 

Its a Flipsky 75100



But I’m not knowledgeable on 75/100 escs. Its probably in vesc tools. But I haven’t found a need to have one.

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Ok I’ve been trying to get VESC tool to work but my option are: Windows 10 laptop or android phone via bluetooth. For some reason, my phone doesn’t find the bluetooth (Flipsky) module (but controller does). With the windows 10 PC, VESC tool doesnt open and it comes up with some error about not having the right “openGL”. I understand this is to do with bot having the right graphics card.

I’m not trying to install linux in an attempt to get V Tool running on that, but anyone experience this before and have any ideas?

For the phone to work, the esc has to be set with ppm/uart in the vesc tool setting on the esc. Make sure your blutooth module has the wire connected as rx/rx and tx/tx (flipsky module only).

For opengl: I think you can download the latest software for it. Its an API, so you might need to check your driver on your pc graphic setting to update it.

I don’t know about Linux.

Edited for clarity.

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Man, what an idiot. I was trying to connect to the remote BT receiver thinking it was useable for programming. I don’t even have a BT module so just ordered one.

Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to find my way through a pitch black forest with tbis. Thank you chaps for all your help so far.

I can’t blame you lol. Someone else did the same thing. You need the module.

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