6374 motor stuttering

So I bought this motor off of eBay, it doesnt have a name or branding on it but It was cheap and I thought it would be a good choice for my budget build. The motor is sensored and it is connected to a mini vesc 4.20 by flipsky. The set up went smooth, no issues whatsoever. However whenever I unplug the motor from the vesc and plug it back in for later use it starts to stutter and draws alot of amps. I’m not sure if it’s because I change the wiring whenever I hook it up but whenever it happens I have to do over the whole set up process to get everything working again.

Three colors of shrink tubing. One on each end of wires.


You have to redo the motor set up whenever you disconnect the motors since you are changing the original set up. This is always the case.

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Thanks I really appreciate it ! I’ll be more careful next time:)

Thanks for the tip!