6374 or 6355 192kv Motor Needed

All I need to finish my first build is a 63 size motor! Looking for something used but but not thrashed. 6374 would be great, but 6355 would work too. What do y’all have laying around?

I have 2x used 6355 190kv sensored motors if you’re interested. $60 each

Pm me buddy @Jinra

@Jinra I’ll take both of them

Wow, hijacking a thread much?

@Jinra, I would be happy to take one of them, but I understand if you want to sell both together.

@Ejsalvat, The kv is a bit too high on that one for my setup. I appreciate the offer though.

Yea I’d like to get rid of both at the same time.

I’ve got a couple for sale too if anyone’s interested $50 a piece plus shipping obo:

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That’s a good deal I just bought one of these for $90 or so.

Are they Sensored?


No, unsensored.

@benjammin I’ll take one of 'em of you’re willing to sell them separately.


Sale’s pending on them. I’ll let ya know if I end up with one though.

I’ll might be interested in one motor as well. Can you ship worldwide?

Got a couple unused, sensored 6374 190kv motors i can sell for $70/ea or $125 For the pair (+shipping, located in US).

@HTownBomber I’ll take one. Sending you a PM now.

@Tomer Are you interested in the other one?

Yes I am. 6374 192kv right?