6374 single drive kit and 5065 single drive kit for sell

5065 kit (the red one) new, never used motor pulley 5M 12T wheel pulley 5M 35T (enbeded on the wheel) belt 5M 270 15mm width 5065 motor 270/320/400KV 90mm wheels Paris style 7 inch trucks along with raser and screws 83us + shipping

6374 kit (the black one) new, never used motor pulley 5M 14T wheel pulley 5M 35T (enbeded on the wheel) belt 5M 270 15mm width 6374motor 270KV (the motor is new, but have some slight scratch ) 97mm wheels Paris style 7 inch trucks along with raser and screws 95us + shipping

These aren’t genuine parts. Might be worth updating your listing to point out that these are clones.

not sure what you mean clones, I been selling these things on ebay more than 2 years ago.

They are not genuine Paris trucks. They are not flywheels either. They are copy’s of Paris trucks and copy’s of Abec 11 flywheels. Most people on the forum can see that the items are not genuine but some people might not realise.


The flywheels are clone not real brand flywheels. And the Paris trucks real or clone Chinese made?

Nothing wrong with selling clone but

you may right.

I never said the wheels are AEBC 11, ABEC is just a brand. there’s many other brands too. many brands are just purchase from our factory, and print they logo on those wheels we produce. 99% of our products are sell to the west.

yes, the trucks are just paris style trucks. not original branding one.

And flywheel is product of the company Abec. They are flywheel copies.

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Sorry, not knowing that, already changed my list. thanks for you guys reminding me. because I am not on the States, knowing very few things of that.


Just got this (the 6374 kit).

I haven’t had the chance to measure things precisely, but the stator is about 3/4ths of a centimeter shorter than the width of a normal credit card, so around 50mm. It’s a 6355 motor in an oversized case at best.

Oh, and it’s 54mm diameter. So not exactly what it’s advertised as, at all

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You got the silver one, not the black+red one?

Yep yep. Just got it installed last night, haven’t had time to take it on a test run. Trucks look fine, wheels look fine, pulleys etc seem standard. I can’t figure out how the drive pulley is attached to the wheel, have a sneaking suspicion that it’s glued on, but I can’t say for sure.

Motor is unsensored (fairly obvious given the price), and again, it’s not really (even close to) a 6374.

Can’t speak for durability or anything yet, but I’m going to slather everything in loctight and see how it goes. Might post an update once I’ve given it a ride if anyone’s interested in more details

So, the 6374 kit has a 5455 motor?

I’m not positve on expected stator dimensions (anyone who is please chip in, I’m newish to this) and I haven’t bothered to take the motor apart to get at it with my calipers to get it down to the mm. But with that said, there’s no way it’s longer than 50mm.

So basically, yeah, I think so. It’s a 5455 in a big case. Which, ironically, makes it worse, because you can’t put two of them on the truck.

@dickyho you alive there? Any comments? I’m quite curious about how the drive wheel is attached as well. Is this glued on like it looks?

Hi. I am here. out for business trip now…

could you send a picture of the kit you got…? because I have sold this same motor drive kits for 2 years , I think already sold more than 100 sets. you are the first one told me that the motor size having issue. I have no idea why you will thing it is a 5455 motor. please measure it.

by the way, I did told you that I have another 170KV motor with higher quality. but you stick with this one.

Of cause not glue, there’s 3 snap screws on the mount, could you see that?

Regards Dicky

I think it’s that because that’s what the stator dimensions are, and the stator dimensions are the most important part of motor power.

Again, if anyone can clarify or weigh in on what exactly the expected dimensions of a 6374 stator should be I’d appreciate it.

I’ll take pictures this evening and post them for the thread. You did offer a different motor, I went with this one for the higher speed potential.

And nope, I haven’t seen the snap screws anywhere, but I’ll take a closer look (and pictures, again) this evening. They’re not under the bearing, are they? The pulley side bearing is very tight, I wasn’t able to remove it/didn’t feel like forcing it.

Thanks for getting back to me, I hope we can clear everything up.

Sorry, I don’t dissemble motor myself, the way we define motor size here, is to measure is diameter and lenght. the one I sent you is certainly a 63mm diameter one. and with 10mm shaft. there’s no 50 motor s with 10mm shaft yet. and because this motor you have is use a Big front bear, which designed to make the motor more strong, but this cost space, so the core will be a little shorter.

you might say this motor quality is not so good,it is cheap product after all! but can’t say it is not a 63 motor. you shall choose the 170KV motor, as I say, That one is much high quality.

6374, should have outer diameter 63mm and total external length somewhere close to 74mm (this sometimes differs between mfgs)

@dickyho thanks for replying, I apologize, I’ll delete my comment above.

not a probllem my friend, if you don’t like this motor, you could still change the 170KV one with me, this quality much better .

Ok, finally had a moment for this. Apologies for the bad quality pictures, phone broke so I’m on a crappy loaner for the moment.

First off, two points: I’m not here to get into a discussion of whether or not a 6355 or 5455 stator in a 6374 case is a 6374 motor or not. We all know the size of the stator is the reason you buy a larger motor. Putting a smaller stator in a larger case doesn’t result in a ‘bad quality’ 6374, it results in a fake, and the distinction of ‘bad quality’ vs ‘fake’ is just semantic. The point is, it’s not what was advertised.

Second, there was no mention of the 170kv motor being higher quality. You just said it was available. I could easily post a screenshot of our conversation, but I hope that’s not necessary.

Now then, on to the pictures. These are all pictures of the 6374 kit advertised above, it’s the same item.

First, the length of the outside case.

The black cap on the non-axel side of the motor is empty. The black cap at the base is where the bearings are. The stator and magnets are all in the silver section, with is 45-47mm long. That’s the maximum possible stator length here.

Looking inside, the stator is only between the black screws attaching the silver case to the black cap. I’ve provided pictures of this on the end; you can measure in a full cm before hitting the stator.

Which leaves us with a maximum stator length of 35-37mm. I’m assuming the stator starts at the black screw on the axel side as well, and a magnetic test shows that’s where the magnet starts, but I don’t feel like disassembling this to find out.

Conclusion: maximum stator length of 35-37mm, generously. Real estimate of stator length: 30mm.

So no, @dickyho, that’s not what was advertised and not what I paid for, and it’s not a question of “quality”, either. What’s your proposal for rectifying this? I hope it doesn’t involve me paying for shipping once again in order to get what I was initially lead to believe I was purchasing.

not sure if you got notified about my last post, but if you could take a look and see if my conclusions re: measurements look right I’d appreciate it