6374 Stealth Motor Pre-Order 󾓦

After running the last few group buys, I made an order for 50 motors and sold all of the 6374. There has been a lot of people asking me when they will come back in stock, the only problem is, its that I have to place an order for 50 at a time. So I will be taking pre orders for them on this thread and also doing a group buy / pre order on the 5065 motors for people who don’t have as much money but want a solid motor. Specs are as follows:

5065 $56 KV TBD Shaft: 8mm Sensors: No Mounting: 30mm Keyway: Yes Bullet Connectors: 4mm Comes with female bullet connectors Other Specs Coming Soon (W)

Let me know if you guys are interested in the 5065 group buy, shipping 2-4 weeks

6354 / 6374: 6374: $79.99 6354: $67.99 190kv 8mm shaft w/ keyway (not included) 4mm bullet connectors 180mm Silicon Wires / 180mm Hall Sesnor Wires (120 degree) 30mm and 44mm mounting holes (fits TB and Enertion Mounts) 6354 - 2400W 6374 - 3250W Comes with female connectors, for esc Link: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374


Interested in the 6374 Motor. Would I pay now or wait until they come back in stock?

Also $56 for the 6374? or only for the 5065?

I updated the topic with prices, sorry for not being specific. The 5065 is $56

Whhich one of the 6354/6374 190kv is good? I am a new builder and will be interested in the group buy.

For a single drive i recommend a 6374

what sort of can style does your factory offer for 5065’s? I was going to get some custom wound motors but I kinda wanted the ollin/alien style closed can.

I finally got the 6354 from the last buy up and running on 12s single, its pulling nicely!

That may be an option, I would have to talk with them. The kv is also to be decided upon.

Any other specs of what pack it can handle or amps/voltages?

Upto 12s amps dosnt matter with the motor.

Is that $79 shipped or not if not how much is shipping going to be and expected wait on then to come in I see it’s not n stock at the moment

I’d be willing to buy a 6374 motor if possible. How would buying work?

Ok looks like the 6374 is the only thing getting real attention. Price is $79.99 plus $6.80 shipping. Shipping should be 2.5-3 weeks (to me). I would need a lot of participation on this, as of the moq I have to meet.

How does it work? You simply purchase the motor through the link I provided below. It make order management 100x easier, I can also update status and tracking numbers when available.

Pre-Order Here: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/

There is a ton of info in the description if you have any other questions. @ewalks6 @wmj259 @Liber8 @f1rstb81 @Dvicerra100

Ok I worked out a deal with the manufacturer, delayed shipment for half of the motors, so I only have to order 20 and they hold the other 20 for me. So I wouldn’t worry about the MOQ. Let me know when you guys ordered so I know who is who on the forum!

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Need more support here guys!

wmj259 to the rescue, I getting my money together, any deadline for payment?

Haha, as soon as possible. You can purchase through the link.

For others, still need some support! It’s a great deal at $79.99

Is it cheaper than usual?

It is at regular price, but is still a lot cheaper compared to similar motors ($120)

Motors are shipping next week for anyone who wants to jump in. Still need some more participation.