6389 Motor with 14S Battery

Hi guys! I want to run a higher capacity battery with my single 6389 brushless motor. I already have a 14S4P battery that I would like to use. This is going on a custom electric scooter I built. It needs lots of torque for the uphill off-road stuff. I will get the appropriate Trampa VESC for that voltage as well. Will the motor handle this ok? Thanks again.

Give us more details on this pack. Where did you buy it?

No problem: 52v 16ah Samsung 40T HIGH Current Lithium ion E-Bike Battery | Bicycle Motor Works

Specs: HIGH Current 14S 4P pack with Samsung 21700 40T cells

16 amp hours

Dimensions 12” x 4” x 3”

30 amp continuous output. 70 amp continuous.

This company has great feedback on eBay and one of the few I can find in the US that sells 21700 40T custom cell packs in the form factor size I needed.

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A 40T pack should be able to do 120A continuous, so its probably not constructed with high currents in mind.