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63mm hub motors preorder

Hello every one, I wanted more hub motors for personal use so I have placed an order for 20x of my 63mm hub motors. They are based on the 6355 motor that enertion sell and will have the same high quality stator and winding with my magnet upgrades.

The motors will also come with a 83mm wheel on the motor.

The great thing is I will be selling them for $299 for a pair. They have great power and save you a lot on your build while looking so much better.

Please every one let me know your interest, there are only 8 sets up for grabs as I need to keep 2 for myself. If I need to order more I can do that.

Shipping date 11th of Jan

Do these mount without any modification to the trucks?

Correct no modifications are needed, it is a 2 pcs locking mech that holds really well!

What is the kv of the original motor that is converted to a hub motor?
Also what are the pros and cons of using hub motors apart from aesthetics?

for an unbiased opinion and to ensure others can find & get involved with this discussion your question would be better suited being posted to an existing thread:

i haven’t converted a motor to a hub motor i have designed and built a motor from ground up. the stator and winding is done at a factory that makes outrunner and that factory has great quality at a higher cost and this is why onloop uses them.

but the KV rating is 80Kv.

benefits you can suspect is smoother riding, low resistance when not using your motors, weight reduction, cost, and aesthetics.

if any one want to order 63mm motor Paypal

Yeah ill grab aset thanks when do you need preorder payed

as soon as possible to reserve your motor as i have know 3 sets left you can pay direct through this link
63mm motor Paypal

Still have any sets left? And what will be the eta on the motors.

Yes I increased my order, eta is still 11th of jan

How do these perform on hills?

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There is a video in the beginning of the post that shows a hill test. Scroll up

That $300 is for two motors, right? What wheel color options are available and how do i tell you what color i want? I’m sure you can guess what color i want though lol

it does come with the wheels pressed on though, right? I still don’t have a lathe or a drill press.

Very interested in these because of the 83mm wheel package. Carvons are 90 and 97, and i’m very much in love with his product, but crave additional options.

Wheel colour will all be the same, as I can’t get all different so I will sent out a servey soon,

The smaller wheel size means less torque is needed.

$299 for for 2 motors. No shipping is needed until 1 week before delivery, if every thing goes to plan I could offer $30 world wide shipping or ever free shipping.

Since you don’t have a shopping cart with a shipping calculator, you should probably try to work the cost of shipping into your price and just call it free shipping. Run a few far out addresses and see what the worst looks like, then go from there. If you end up raising your price $20 or something then so be it.

I vote either white, black, or red.

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do you happen to have any sets left?

2 sets left and that will be it for know.

still got 2 more for sale? @jacobbloy

Also i weigh 200 lbs, still gonna perform? bearing arent just regular motor bearing right?