63mm hub motors preorder

That is not a problem.


well the hole is a little too close to the edge for M4 so I could only tap it out to M3.5 which turns out to be the rarest thread of all time. so my local stores dont stock screws :unamused: i’ll have to order them specially.

maybe thats why i didn’t do it, but i remember i had a problem with it being to close to the bearing at one point. couldn’t get the alien key in tp listen it so i moved it out.

@lowGuido took these video’s they are before he figured out the correct start up boost settings!

new sales page


atm I’m having a preorder sale i need to get to a qualified number of buyers to make the next order!


How comes development of the 7075 model?

This is great !! I’ll be buying one set next month.

Love the new sales page! Nice work!! :sunglasses:

I have to say guys get on this! these motors are a beautiful piece of work and certainly at this time the best hub motors I have seen or ridden. I try to make it my business to compare everything and be super critical so that you guys don’t have to guess. these things are awesome. and with the exception of maybe a slightly bigger grub screw on the internal collar there is not much you could do to improve. as has been pointed out the shuddering that I experienced in my video was due to the VESC setting not these motors.

you can also see even a single one of these hub motors run off cheap hobbyking parts still has the torque to pull me along to a reasonable speed, so that’s pretty impressive

It would be a massive shame for the esk8 builders community if these motors ceased to exist due to lack of backing. @jacobbloy has put the work in, but without community support they might just slip through the cracks.


@Alex @korryh I think @torqueboards wants to test out some of there motors he has ridden hummi’s motors so will be a great gage!

Hi lives in CA I know you light be waiting on vesc but maybe he can help with that for the testing perposes!

I have bought some hummi motors too, soo Im looking forward to some side by side testing on them when they arrive…

Have you received Hummie’s motors yet? This seems like one hell of a deal, and I’m probably gonna get on one of the lists for the next round of hub motors, but I’d love to first see how these compare to each other.

And thanks for all your scientific contributions and testing!! :grinning:

im still waiting for the hummi motors to arrive. hopefully soon…

Hi guys sales only going until the 10th of May and limited stock it avalible for the sale so don’t hesitate!

Still looking for a straight answer - Did you ship my hub motor samples? I’m making a trip back to campus in 10 days to check my mail in person.

Yes I shipped all of the motors for that batch! I’ll check DHL today and send you an email.

Single drive wheel now for sale! $149+ shipping

Only comes with the 1 motor so perfect for those with no need for trucks or extra wheels, or for those who are building for a small 60kg man or kids.


maybe this will help any one deciding!

Also the issues mentioned in this thread have been fixed by increasing the set screw size, and adding 2 alignment pin holes that will mate with the trucks with this kit! But can easily be added to any truck with the supplied drill jig.

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Mail Services dug through everything and did not find any unclaimed DHLs. Could you send me the DHL tracking number?

Yep I’ll email it to you!

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