63mm Motor mounts - Paris V2 180mm 50degree


I have done a lot of searching but so far found only 1 person selling mounts for paris v2 trucks.

Alientech used to sell them along with TB i think but now only option seems to be on USA ebay for some CNC mounts with 2 options…

These look ok and worth it!!!

These suck and look awful… https://www.ebay.com/p/Motor-Mount-Paris-Truck-Round-Compatible-63mm-Black-Kit-DIY-Electric-Skateboard/18022303042

Can anyone suggest any other options for paris v2 truck setup?

Noone can suggest because noone uses them anymore. The hangers are not straight so you’ll have always alignment issues. But those @dickyho mounts are good. Just ask him if they are the new version with better steel. Idk if the ones he sells for Paris are for genuine or for the ones he sells

cheers ill ping him a message to check. Worst comes to the worst i could change a single hanger to the Caliber 2 for the back and keep the base plates.

I was going to go for Caliber2 trucks but i really like the paris trucks and they carve like nothing else ive ridden